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LOL Adams

15 silly John Adams
2 Macros

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#2 - Because I love LOST, and Jears are hilarious.
#7 - This actor is scary. He just is.
#15 - This picture reminded me of Old Gregg for some reason. I think it's the look.

All caps by xperfectlysane.
Comment if you so desire.
Credit if taking.


OMG! that first Ben Franklin one especially is MADE OF WIN! LMAO!
Haha, thanks! Gotta love Tom Wilkinson and his hilarious faces.
LOL! So true!!
Bwaha! Taking #13.
Haha, I love that one. Thanks. ;)
ahaha, love them
Thank you. :)
'effing LOL! Your icon is AWESOME.
That's what I think about Sam Adams! If anyone doesn't like it, I will fight them.
Gold, gold!
Stole everything, will credit. :'D