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deadasleaves in deeply_creepy

Poems while listening to music, April 28, 2008

There are crystals
tiny liquid beads of glass
making their own way to the ground
sliding effortlessly from twisted dark arms
married to and reflecting the green
rich green
spring time tears
they make me weak
cast a melancholy shade in my head
they fill me with wonder
the crystal drops
and the green
they make me sad
happily, gladly sad
as they drip quietly from dark, gnarled fingers

a steady hiss, a whisper
ever-reflective crystalline beads
dancing on every leaf, every blade of grass
sending tiny ripples across the surface of streets
rivers and streams
clinging like jewels to screened in windows
green (each leaf is a tiny emerald bird)
and white (clean, delicate blossoms)
dark roads (asphalt estuaries) and dark branches (tapering skeletons)
covered in the gray glimmer, silvery shine
it tells us there is hope
that there are new beginnings
for everyone who needs them